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Tattoo-friendly open-air Onsen

Cultural norms can make it difficult for travelers with tattoos to find an onsen that welcomes them. This service will give you tickets, detailed explanation and to an onsen in central Tokyo that welcomes patrons with tattoos so you can enjoy this Japanese pastime without embarrassment. Men and women can use the outdoor baths on alternate days, while the indoor baths can be used at any time.

Watch Sumo training in Sumo stable

Are you interested in Sumo? Sumo is a Japanese national sport. It is very sacred and most powerful. Let’s go to see the Sumo training at a stable! It is a valuable experience to be able to see serious training right in front of you and can feel the breath and heat up close, which you can’t feel in a big game. The details of multiple workouts are quietly provided by your guide, so no doubts will arise. You can see it closer than the matches and you will feel the sound of the fight and the passion of the wrestlers.

Enjoy plus size Kimono

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Tsumami-Zaiku Fabric Craft Activity

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Seek nightlife in Tokyo

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