Public bath history -Part 1-

I have a plan to take you to a tattoo-friendly Onsen(hot spring).
This time, I would like to explain the history of Japanese hot springs.
In Buddhism, temples had baths to wash away dirt. From around AD 1200, it spreads to ordinary households.
Around 1600 AD, it was like a steam bath with water up to the knees and the upper body covered with cloth.
Water was precious. After that, it became the form of the current bath where you can soak up to your neck.
And from that time on, courtesans will appear. During the day, they wash the men’s backs, but at night they go upstairs to drink sake and play the shamisen(three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument) to entertain the men.
This era is called the Edo period, and there is an open image. At that time, public baths were also mixed bathing.
It was around 1900 that the government began to ban the use of public baths as an orderly problem, but it was not until around 1900 AD that men and women began to have separate bathrooms.
Part 2 begins in 1926 with commentary from the Showa era:-)